So many people migrate to Canada or any other country every year. There are many different types of reasons for an individual person to migrate to Canada. the study, work, travel, or business purposes are the major purposes for the people to migrate to Canada. after migrating to Canada people are willing to get permanent residence in Canada. a lot of people become successful in getting permanent residency in Canada when they meet the required eligibility criteria of Canada. In the beginning, people migrate alone and after becoming a permanent resident of Canada they invite their family or parents also to them in Canada. You need to apply for a super visa for your family if you want to invite your parents to you in Canada. The main objective of a super visa is family reunification. With the help of a super visa, your parents will live with you in Canada and you get the love and care of your family. For the super visa, you need a super visa expert who helps you in applying for a super visa and also helps you in getting a legal super visa. CWC Canada helps you in getting Super Visa. we are the certified one and fully experienced. We help you in every stage of your process of super visa

What is Super Visa?

The super visa is a type of visa which is only for the parents and grandparents which makes them eligible to migrate abroad to their children. If you are going to invite your parents through a super visa then it is necessary that you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. with the help of a super visa, you can invite your parents and can live a happy life with them

Benefits of Super Visa:

•        You can live with your family

•        better healthcare for your parents

•        your parents get the experience of a new civilization

•        they meet with new people and can also spend time with them

•        they get a new environment

•        they can make new friend In Canada

•        they get free time for themselves

•        they get a chance to enjoy their life without any worry

•        and you get love and care of your family

Eligibility to apply for Super Visa:

•        for applying for a super visa it is necessary that you are the parent of a grandparent of your child who must be a persistent resident of Canada or citizen of Canada

•        you must have a written letter from your child or grandchild who invites you to Canada. it consists of:

I.        a promise of your financial support for the entire period of your visit

II.       list which includes number of family members

III.     a Xerox of the Canadian community or document of a permanent resident of the person who is inviting you

•        you must have medical insurance which is provided by the Canadian Insurance Company. It consists of:

I.        it must be valid for at least one year

II.       at least coverage of $100,000

III.     a proof which shows that your medical insurance has been paid

How to apply for Super Visa?

1.       an invitation letter from your child or grandchild who is a permanent resident of Canada. it consists of:

•        a list which consists of a number of family members in the household

•        a promise for financial support for the duration of the visit

•        Xerox of Canadian citizenship or document of a permanent resident of Canada of the invited person

2.       A proof that shows that your child meets the minimum required income. It may consists of pf:

•        Statements of bank

•        Pay stubs

•        Stubs of employment insurance

•        An employment letter in which salary and hiring date is mentioned

3.       A proof of payment of medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. It is:

•        Coverage of at least $100,000 coverage

•        Valid for at least 1 year from the date of entrance

4.       A document which makes sure that you had an immigration medical exam

How much time does a Super Visa take?

The processing time for getting the super visa or you will have to wait from 8 days up to 45 or 50 days. The total processing time which a super visa takes depends on your country.


When you migrate to Canada alone you get to know the value of your family. Everyone wants to live with their family or parents. After becoming a permanent resident of Canada they invite their parents or grandparents to them in Canada where they get the same love and care of the family. They invite their parents through super visa. CWC Canada helps you in getting Super Visa. we are certified and reliable one. we have the highest visa success rate. We know the value of family so come to us and we help you in getting a super visa successfully so that you can live with your family happily.