Sometimes, there are people who want to explore their lives and want to shift to a different country from which they are currently living. There can be many reasons behind this thought, firstly that they might not be very much satisfied by the living conditions in their own country, or they are being sent for work purposes, or they are attracted by the lifestyle or they have a better chance of growth there.

Expert immigration Chandigarh

So, there are many reasons for it. Even the country honors such immigrants if the aspirants are able to fulfill their criteria. Canada is eye candy for Indians. There are many people who want to settle in Canada and live their lives on their own. They believe that Canada is a better place to live and work. They feel they can make better progress in that country. So, they decide and try to shift to Canada. Well, it is not as easy as it sounds, first one has to decide what are the ways through which they can shift to Canada.

One can move through as a student or they can as an employee of a company, or there are programs by the country through which they offer permanent residency to professionals. Then some people may also decide to move as a family with the help of a family visa. They can make an investment in the country’s economy through a business and then the country may offer them permanent residency. 

Well, there are a number of ways of doing it and the immigration consultants are able to guide clear and better ways to do it. If you are looking forward to shifting the country then the very first thing you need to do is find an immigration expert. For example, if you are residing in Chandigarh and you are planning to move to Canada, then you run a search for expert immigration Chandigarh and that might help you to find a suitable immigration consultant that will guide you step by step. 

By searching through expert immigration Chandigarh, you may see the list of all the experts or consultants, you may read their reviews and then decide with whom you want to work further. You may first read the reviews by others and then take a call.  You may also plan a visit and discussion first that will give you an idea about the same. 

So, once you have decided and visited the immigration consultant and you are satisfied with their services then you may discuss your situation with them. They will guide you on which programs are best for you. They will also share your eligibility and the programs suitable for you. Then they will move forward with the application and also tell you about the documents required from your side.

Once all the details are fulfilled then they will start fulfilling the application and move the application and submit it online to the authorities. It takes somewhere around six months to one year to process the case and finally reach the pool. Then there are draw systems and acceptances that help to share a confirmation. Once you get a green light from the authorities, the aspirants may start packing the bags and get ready to move. This is one of the biggest things. Moving is not at all easy. There are certain things that you have to keep in your mind and work along. 

Once with the help of your immigration consultant, you accept the call to permanent residency and deposit all the documents that also have been accepted by the authorities you are free to make the final move to your destination. 

Yes! This is the ultimate goal, you have to book your flight tickets and then you are ready to move. Well, the story does not end here, you have to make certain arrangements from India before you move out to Canada. 

The very first thing is to check the weather and then take appropriate clothes. Do not fill your bags mindlessly other than the necessities. Why? Because weather conditions are extremely different from what we experience here. So, check out the details and then continue with suitable packing. 

Secondly, try to look and confirm a place to stay. You may shift but before you need to arrange a place to stay. It could be a hotel or motel, but then you need to find a place to rent and where you can stay. 

Another important thing as you reach Canada is to apply for a Social Insurance Number as soon as possible. It is one of the primary requirements and you should be aware of it beforehand. So, work through these basic necessities as you move to Canada.