Sure Tips to Crack IELTS Exams

IELTS Exams are basic criteria for applying for an overseas visa. The clearance of Language proficiency is the primary requirement for any kind of visa. Check CWC websites for spouse visa, or for PR or a student aiming for study abroad. 

Understand the language-

It is important to know and understand the language of foreign land. It helps in effective communication and also helps the applicant to sustain in the other country. You cannot imagine your life in a foreign country without knowing the language. You will not be able to communicate your requirements, your thoughts and ideas. 

Keeping this particular issue in mind, every country has a primary condition that visa applicants should clear the IELTS examination, before even submitting for visa application. Once the applicant has learned the language then it is easy for them to move in the country. This test is for their own comfortable stay.

Well! The test is not as easy as it sounds. There are different levels of the examination. First is General IELTS, it is for those who are applying for family or spouse visa. They are those people who are dependent on their kids or spouses who are settled there in foreign country. For them, they require basic knowledge of the language so that they read, write and understand the language during their course of stay. They basically need as good as 4 to 6 bands. It ensures that they will be able to understand and speak the language as per their requirement.

The next category is Academic IELTS, this examination is specially crafted for the students who aspire for higher studies and professionals who are shifting to work there. These people require a better understanding of the language as compared to others. They also need to score good bands in order to ensure the understanding of the language. They require as good as 7 to 9 bands ensuring they are experts in the language and they will be able to understand the course content or employment terms, requirements and usage. 

Hence, different purposes have different requirements. 

Regardless of the purpose, it is important to clear the examination for everyone. The examination is not as easy as it may sound. It is divided into four parts. First part is dedicated to reading and understanding, the second evaluates the writing capabilities, the third part ensures that applicants can follow the language through listening and the fourth indicates how well they can express themselves through the language. It means how well the applicant speaks. 

Once you have made up your mind to attempt the paper, you should give your heart and soul into the preparations and then appear for the paper. 

Do not take this examination lightly, prepare and then attempt. There is detailed information available about it on CWC website. Going through the information will share a fair idea, what are the exact contents of the paper, how the examination is to be attended, the do’s and don’ts etc. You should first conduct research and then sign-up for the exam.

To ease out your query we bring you a few sure shot tips that will help you to clear IELTS examination in just one go. So, read on to find exciting tips-

Understand the structure of the examination-

  • The very first thing is to understand the different parts of the examination. You should know the importance of each part and also work out how to attempt it effectively. Once you have understood the structure, rest is all easy.

Reading Skills-

  • To attempt reading sections, practice as much as you can. Identify the reading skills. There are three comprehensions and you have limited time to solve them. So, you should practice skimming and not detailing. Skimming means reading through quickly and concentrating on important points only. This will help to quicken the process and you will be able to solve the question paper in appropriate time.

Practice speaking-

Start speaking the language-

  • You can continue your general conversations in English. The more you speak the better you get. You will improve your fluency as  well as pronunciation. You can also practice speaking in front of a mirror. This small exercise will help you to gain confidence.

Write, write and write-

  • The more you write, the better it is. Take-up different kinds of topics and start writing. Promise yourself at least to attempt two sets of writing tests everyday. It is better to get it checked by an expert. Do not give up, just write as much as you can. There are different topics available on CWC websites, you can check out there. 

Watch Hollywood-

  • To improve your listening skills, you may switch on to Hollywood movies. Watching it regularly will help you understand the language and conversations in a better manner.

With these smart tips, we wish you good luck for your IELTS examination. 

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