Now, the pandemic has been stabilized and the Canadian authorities are on a go-to streamline the immigration process. There has been a lot in the previous two years. The whole system has been uprooted and now it is working to improve it. Though this year has been better than the previous one, it is still not the same. The Canadian government has been cautious about the entries due to the pandemic situation and also imposed a few temporary travel restrictions to secure their people.

Well, even then there was a continuous flow of Canada visa applications and corresponding to it there were Canada Visa services. As we are all aware that the immigration authorities have been very picky about it, if all went well then there may be a positive change in Canadian Visa in the coming year.

Canada PR

The year 2021

Even after the pandemic, the Canadian Immigration authorities have carried on with the operations. The authorities have granted visas and presented the report. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have recently shared a record number of Invitations to Apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa this year through its popular points-based Express Entry System.

During the end of the year, it has been noticed that Canada has worked through the applications and has currently issued one of the highest figures, more than 110,000 invitations to the candidates. It is evident that immigration authorities are welcoming foreign professionals and want to strengthen their system. Hence, they have taken this step further.

Another explanation for this step. As in the years 2020 and 2021, due to pandemics, there was a continuous lockdown and a substantial number of applications were struck with the system. Hence, this is the time to clear the visas and sort them through the federal Express Entry system. 

The ongoing situation of the year 2022

Well, the year 2022 started to work normally and resumed most of its programs. Though the Express Entry draws and also invites the Federal Skilled Work category candidates they were currently not following through. Not only this, there is probably good news for those who are interested in applying for PR, it is expected that the government of Canada will likely ease the measures that were earlier planned during the Covid-19.

Easing out will make the Canada visa services hassle-free. Along with this the multi-year immigration plan details that were released in the year 2020, the Canadian government will also accept around one million new permanent residents in the coming three years. 

The Canadian government has also lifted the ban on direct flights from India and also made many other immigrant-friendly decisions. They had also taken positive steps and assured investment of $100 million to improve the conditions of newcomers’ access to settlement services. As the liberal party of Canada has come back to power post this has come as good news for Canadian immigration aspirants. This is because liberals are soft and support immigration. 

Plan your immigration in 2022

Keeping in touch with the new immigration changes, instructions, and guidelines, it is absolutely essential to stay updated and informed if you are interested in immigrating. Being informed about the news and procedure will help you to plan your immigration. In case you have recently thought of immigrating then it is best to hire an ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant who can guide you step by step and help you to find an appropriate program and apply through it.

Though you can work it out and move the application, when you go through a professional channel there is a chance of going through easily, you may avoid errors or visa rejection caused by missed/incomplete documents, deadlines, etc. So, working with an expert will save your time and energy. 

Keep an alternate pathway ready

Your immigration point score matters a lot when it comes to getting an invitation to apply for a Canadian PR visa. In case you do not get an invitation due to your low Express Entry score or the IRCC delays conducting FSW category draws, always keep the other option ready.

Check your eligibility for an appropriate Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada and try acquiring the provincial nomination for Canada PR. A PNP nomination helps you obtain a PR visa despite a low point score. Your consultant or advisor can help you in choosing the right Provincial program for you. 

Important Points to remember while applying for Canada PR