Canada is one of the most preferred destinations by the Indians. Thousands of Indians immigrate to Canada every year. Before the pandemic there was regular immigration through Express Entry System and through investment in the country. These both the resources are useful for the professionals as well as the investors. Both the categories help and maintain the pace of economic development of the country. 

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Along with these immigrants, even the students who want to pursue higher studies are happy to apply for the institutes in Canada. There are several reasons for the same.

First of all, Canada hosts world-class higher education with fully-equipped staff and equipment. The students find the universities better than their home universities. 

Moreover, Canada also follows the policy that students can learn and earn side by side. Yes! Along with the academic knowledge they can also work on the part-time basis during their semester and they can even take a full-time job during their semester break.

So, many of the Indian students who take loans for their higher studies find it appropriate to work and help their family members to get off the hook. It also helps them to gain practical job-like experience in Canada, it proves to be helpful, if they want to settle in Canada after their further studies.

So, even students prefer a safe and sound environment for their academics and their career development. 

Hence, a good number of young Indians migrate as students as well as  skilled workers to Canada. A substantial number have gone to Canada to study at their valued colleges and universities.

If we look for the explanation for this migration, it will not be difficult. While many western nations shut their doors to refugees, Canada welcomes many thousands every year because of its low population. Also, Canada supports cross-culture cosmopolitan kind of environment. 

Unlike the US or Europe, the Canada Experience Class visa programme allows students who complete their studies in Canada to gain a fast-track permanent residency status. A highly streamlined migration system known as Express Entry has been adopted by the Canadian immigration authorities. It helps the best and brightest to move in a few months’ time only.

For those aspirants who are looking to move as students as well as skilled workers can approach ready migration consultants who can guide them well during their journey.

The method is point-based and fully gender-or-color-neutral. All it seeks is to invite those in the Canadian job market who will have a position. The work of top-notch ready to help to migration consultants to Canada, is to guide their clients through the various rules and regulations. So, if you are looking for a consultant make sure they help you with the following considerations-

The knowledge and the application of numerous laws

There are many ways in which one can migrate, although the conditions for migration to Canada are simple. First of all, with the help of a Federal programme such as the Express Entry Scheme, it is possible to relocate. This enables the holder of the visa to live and work anywhere in Canada and to enjoy privileges almost that are equal to those of citizens of Canada

EEP ‘s key avenues are-

• Program for Federal Professional Employees

• Program on Federal Skilled Trades

• Experience class in Canada

Before the pandemic most of the Indians preferred the FSWP, which enables eligible staff such as software developers and scientists to move, unless one has spent time in Canada as a student. It is based on age, educational qualifications, and English language skills. Those who have an appropriate score are inducted every fifteen days through a draw system. 

Check for authenticity

Accreditation is granted to legitimate consultants by the Canadian authorities through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. So, find out the same before hiring them whether the agent has IRCC qualification.

Expert teams

Canada Immigration Consultants will have an expert team that has an outstanding understanding of migration related laws. With ease, these experts are able to answer every query.

Single point of contact

Migration can last 4-6 months, whether as a student or as a permanent resident. For all the tasks and issues that occur during this time, it helps if a consultant has a single point of touch.

A written agreement

All the legitimate consultants have an agreement where they explain all the expenses to be incurred and even the fees to be charged before a contract is signed. To avoid cost increases later on, a contract is necessary.

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