In the modern era, people are getting so modern and advanced. People in these times are highly willing to move to the other foreign or developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, America, etc. study, work, travel or business purpose are the major purposes of people to move to other foreign or developed countries. Today, move to Canada becomes a passion. People move to Canada on the study, business, and travel or work bases. So many people are willing to move to Canada just for traveling purposes. People are very fond of traveling now a day. They like to travel or visit new places alone, with family or friends. So they move to a new country just to spending their vacations enjoy fully. Canada is a beautiful and developed country and people are really so willing to see the beauty and development of Canada so they move to Canada for travel purposes. For moving to Canada on a travel basis then you need to contact or hire a tourist visa consultant. CWC Canada Solutions is the top leading Tourist Visa Consultant in Chandigarh. We are a certified one and also a member of the ICCRC. We provide the best tourist advice to all the clients and also help them in getting a tourist visa smoothly.

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist Visa is also a type of visa which provides you permission to travel or visit another country for a specific time. But here is a condition that a tourist visa only provides you permission to travel to Canada and does not allow you to perform any kind of business activity over there.

In the other words, we can say that a tourist visa is that visa which makes you eligible to enter your desired country and stay over there and travel or visit the visitable places of the country. the specific time to which you are eligible to stay in the country is mentioned on your visa.

Process for getting a Tourist Visa:

•        Fill your tourist visa application

•        Pay the fee of your application for a visa

•        Assemble an appointment for the visa interview

•        take your interview for a visa on the organized date and time.

Purpose of Tourist Visa:

The purpose of a tourist visa is to make the people eligible to enter their desired country for traveling and for spending the holidays. But when you are moving through a tourist visa then you are just allowed to stay in the country for the mentioned limited time and only for the travel purpose and it is the compulsion that you cannot do any type of business activity when you are moving through a tourist visa.

Requirements of Tourist Visa:

•        Firstly, fill and complete your tourist visa application form

•        Photographs which must be colored and also uploaded digitally

•        Xerox of your valid passport

•        Xerox of the two-way ticket which has been submitted at the time of the application

•        An evidence of resources such as bank statements

•        An invitation or calling letter from the side of your friend or family or sponsor who is inviting you

•        A Xerox of the passport of the person such as your friend or sponsor or family member who is calling you

•        If you are married then your marriage certificate is must be attached

•        And if you are a teenager then the birth certificate and marriage certificate of your parents is must be attached

Processing time for getting a Tourist Visa?

If we are talking about the average processing time for the tourist visa application then the processing time for your tourist visa application is not so long. The time of within 3 to 5 weeks is the average processing time which is taken for processing your tourist visa application. First of all, complete your application within the time of 3 to 5 weeks and then take the interview which is required for your tourist visa, and after this, you will be notified or informed about the status of your tourist visa application such that your tourist visa application gets approved or not.


As you want to travel to Canada then you need a valid and legal tourist visa so that you can enjoy your holidays in Canada without any type of worry or problem. So if you want to travel to Canada peacefully then you need a tourist visa consultant who helps you in getting a tourist visa smoothly. CWC Canada Solutions is the top leading Tourist Visa Consultant in Chandigarh. We are certified and always assist each and every client in every aspect. So if you want to move to Canada for traveling purposes then come to us and take our services and enjoy your traveling in Canada with your family.