Ways to get Express Entry points along with a Canadian job offer

Whenever there is a question about immigrating to Canada with permanent residency then the best option is thought to be getting a job offer from a Canadian company seems to be a guarantee of getting the offer to permanent residency.

Canada Visa types for work

As per the immigration rules not all the job offers are equally weighted while calculating through the Express Entry system. There is no doubt extra points in the Express Entry system for receiving a job offer only when it meets certain conditions.


There is a certain way of calculating the points through the system. In case you are immigrating through the points-based Express Entry system, or looking for Canada visa types for work, you can get 50 to 200 points added to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for having a Canadian job offer. In order to get the offer for permanent residency the higher CRS points you have, then there are better chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. So, you should look out for ways to enhance your CRS points.

Well, to be honest it is not very popular that the Express Entry candidates are able to get these points. The merging of points is a bit difficult. Generally, the points are not merged. The CRS score does not shoot up just by a job letter. In case you qualify for the increase in the points it will be for the 50-point award. If you want to get 200 points, then you need to have a job offer in one of the given six occupations. They are a senior management position plus legislators, these jobs are generally filled by the  Canadian citizens. So, in nut crux is that you can get a maximum of 50 point-award if have a valid job offer in a skilled occupation.

What does a “valid” job offer consist of?

As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rules a job offer is valid if it is firstly full-time and continuous paid work. The full time accounts for at least 30 hours per week by one employer—or up to two for Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) candidates. The main consideration is it cannot be seasonal work, and has to be continued for at least one year after you get your permanent resident visa. Another important criteria is that it also has to be in a skilled occupation category. This means it should fall under the categories 00, 0, A, or B on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system.

The points will only be awarded to you when your employer needs to get what is called a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is a document that the employers are often in need to hire a foreign worker. It also states that that there will not be any negative impacts on the Canadian job market if the company hires a foreign worker. Although, there are few occupations that are exempted from this producing this document.

One can also claim the job offer points for the exempted occupations as well. The condition states that the worker has to work for the employer for a year and then will continue to work for them for at least one year after they get their permanent resident visa. The current employer also has to be the one specified on your work permit.

Well, to sum up the details, it is found that by fulfilling the understated conditions and rules one might get a good 50 points added to their CRS score. The rules are according to the Canada Visa types for work-

  • The employment should be full time, continuous, a paid position for at least one year in a skilled occupation.
  • The employer should hold a positive LMIA approving the offer and names and all other required details.
  • In case you are currently working for the same employer listed on your LMIA-based work permit, and the applicant is  authorized to work in Canada on the day of your application and when the permanent resident visa is issued and the applicant should hold a valid job offer for at least one year after they get the permanent resident visa.
  • If you have a valid work permit for a skilled occupation that is exempt from the LMIA requirement, and then again the applicant  can have one year of full-time work experience with that employer, and a valid job offer for at least one year after you get your permanent resident visa.

Another important necessity is that the immigration officer reviewing the file must be convinced that the applicant is genuine and  actually do the job you have been offered. So, if you want extra points then check to add at least 50 extra points.

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