The vogue of going to Canada for work and settling there is escalating day by day. The comfortable lifestyles and the high end opportunities are luring the labors as well as students to go there and work in the country. This will not only raise your standard of living but also make you opulent. An open work permit Canada allows a foreign national to work legally in Canada for a specific period of time. Some open work permit may restrict the kind of job or place in which the foreign worker may work. A worker can apply for a work permit from inside, outside or at a port of entry in Canada.

Types of open work permit:

There are two types of open work permit for Canada:

  1. Open work permit
  2. Employer specific work permit

Open work permit: in this program, the candidate can work for the any organization except ones who doesn’t complete the business standards such as who are working in the sex trade such as strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and escort services. It is non job specific so you will not need a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for apply this.

Who can apply for the open work permit?

You might be eligible for open work permit If you under in any of these conditions:

  1. If you are an international student graduated from a designated institute and eligible for the post graduate work permit program.
  2. A destitute student who is no longer able to meet the price of study.
  3. Have an employer specific work permit and are being abused or at a risk of being abused in relation to your job in Canada.
  4. Permanent residence applicants who have applied to an office in Canada.
  5. Dependent family member of someone who applied for the permanent residence.
  6. Spouse / conjugal/ common law partner of international student and skilled worker.
  7. Spouse/ conjugal/ common law partner of someone applying for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
  8. are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or their family member
  9. Some temporary resident permit holders or
  10. Some young workers participating in the special programs.

Employer specific work permit:

 It is also known as closed work permit and it is usually work for the land is often subject to a job offer by a Canadian employer supported by a positive LMIA which proves that there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident available to do the job which is being offered. It offers a work permit to a specific employer for a certain period of time. This type of work includes the name of the employer you can work or the organization and the duration and location.

Find out that you are eligible for employer specific work permit:

  1. You must prove that you will leave the country after the end of the work permit.
  2. You must not work for the organization that are not completing the business standards such as who are working in the sex trade such as strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and escort services.
  3. You must get your security, background check done and submit your police clearance certificate.
  4. Proof of funds that you are financially stable to support you and your family on entire visa.
  5. You have to gone through a medical examination.

If applying from outside Canada:  depending on the country and region you are residing you are eligible to apply for work permit through visa office from outside Canada. CWC will guide with all the documentation, fee and procedures. You also require getting your police clearance certificate issued from your consulate and medical examination conducted by a designated medical officer.

If applying from inside Canada:  if you are living inside Canada you can apply for work permit under these conditions:

  1. If you are spouse of permanent resident or a have a valid student or work permits.
  2. You are eligible for post graduate work permit if you are studied at any Canadian educational institute.
  3. You can apply for bridging open work permit. If you have applied for permanent residence and waiting for the decision.
  4. You have asked for a refugee status inside Canada and are waiting for a final decision, or when you have been granted the status of a convention refugee or a protected person.


 When you land into Canada if you are from a visa-exempt country a work permit can be granted with a valid medical certificate or if you are eligible to apply for an open work permit. CWC is offering its services to the immigrants from more than a decade. We are providing our services with ethical way and in short duration of time. Our highly experienced experts in open work permit Canada will assist you with proper guidance and the help you in every possible way.