When we are talking about PR the first question arise in everyone’s mind is that – “what is PR and who is the PR?”

The PR means Permanent Resident. A Permanent Resident is one who is not a citizen of Canada but has been given permanent resident status by immigration. Permanent Resident is citizens of the other countries. A person lives in Canada temporarily, like a worker, a student, a tourist is not a permanent resident. But a person who is not from Canada and fulfills all the eligibility that is required for getting PR in Canada will get Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada. CWC Immigration Solution is the best immigration consultant.

The Permanent Resident Card:

The Permanent Resident card shows that you have the permanent resident status in Canada. When you come back on a commercial vehicle like boat, train, bus or an aeroplane you have to show your card and your passport if you travel outside Canada. The PR persons who are travelling outside Canada, do not have a valid PR card, or not carrying it with them requires to apply for a permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada.

Eligibility for getting PR:

How to get Canadian Permanent Resident:

Age Limit for Canada PR:

The maximum age for Qualifying is 45. The persons whose age is between 18-35 get maximum points. The persons whose age is 35 will get less point.

Before apply for PR

A PR card is normally issued for five years, but sometimes it can be issued for one year. It is valid for the last date which is mentioned on the card. Usually, Canada sends PR cards to the addresses within the country but sometimes you can have to pick up the card from a person who is at the one of the Canadian Offices.

Sometimes, you can ask for reissuing the card if you find any mistake on your card. It is not a mistake if name is too long to fit on the card we shorten the name on the card.

What are Obligations?

If you wish to travel outside the Canada the permanent resident of Canada must holds a valid permanent resident card. You must fulfill the requirements of permanent residency and must renew your permanent residency card before five years. Permanent residents can lose their permanent resident status if they do not meet with their residency obligations.

Services offered by Immigration Consultant:

There are some of the services which are provided by the certified immigration consultants. This includes:


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