In this era, everyone is ready to migrate to the other developed or foreign country from their own home country. People migrate via different types of visas like study visas, tourist visas, and work visas, etc. everyone who is moving to Canada wants to stay over there for a lifetime. In other words, we can say that the one who migrates to Canada from its home country eager to get the status of a permanent resident of Canada. Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) assists you in this. If you are going via a Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) you have the highest chances of obtaining the status of a permanent resident of Canada. CWC Canada Solutions assists people in migrating through the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). We are certified and assist you in migrating in a legal way and help you in obtaining permanent residence in Canada.  

Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) is a program or approach for those employees who have abilities, education qualifications, and work exploit for donating to the economy of a particular zone or nation. It becomes very useful when you are willing to live in that region or state and you are eager to get the status of permanent Canadian resident

How Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) works:

Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) is a program or approach for employees who fulfills the following things :

•        Have the abilities, education qualification, and work exploit for sponsorship in the foresight of a particular zone or nation

•        Who is ready to stay in that particular zone or nation

•        eager to be a permanent Canadian resident

Each region or state has its own specifications and streamlet. For instance, in a program stream, zones, or nations may select:

•        Students

•        Business people

•        Skilled workers

•        Semi-skilled workers

The procedure of Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

This is a paper-based application procedure for applying for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). You appeal in two stages:

1.       First of all, you must have to select the region or state in which you want to live in Canada and apply for that region or state for the nomination. Then they will review your application on the two major basis:

•        Requirements of Their immigration

•        If you seriously plan to live over there

2.       After when a region or state-appointed you, then you must apply for permanent residence.

Procedure of Express Entry:

2 methods for applications in the online Express Entry Procedure:

•        For selection You contact the region or state under an Express Entry stream

•        If you are proposed by the region or state then you can create you’re Express Entry profile and can show that you have been nominated.


•        You can create your express entry profile and indicate the regions or states you are interested in

•        You can approach them directly If a region or state delivers you a “notification of interest”.

•        You can appeal to their express entry team:

If you are proposed, the region or state will provide it to you through your account, and you can receive it automatically

In both cases:

•        You must meet with the necessary eligibility criteria of the region or state

•        You must present an express entry profile and show that you meet the required eligibility criteria

•        When you are invited to appeal, you can submit an electronic application to IRCC.

Steps for appealing for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

•        fill your application form

When you are proposed by a province or region, then you can submit an application for the permanent residence

The application contains the instruction guide and all the required form you need to fill out after you are nominated by any region or state

•        pay your fees

In most cases, your fees will contain:

•        Processing fee for you and the one to whom you consist in your application

•        right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)

•        biometrics

•        third-party fees

•        submit your application

Before redirecting your application, ensure that you:

•        answer all questions

•        sign your application and other forms

•        containing your processing fee

•        containing all the supporting documents

          Provinces have PNPs:

•        Alberta

•        Manitoba

•        New Brunswick

•        British Columbia

•        Nova Scotia

•        Newfoundland and Labrador

•        Northwest Territories

•        Saskatchewan

•        Yukon

•        Ontario

•        Prince Edward Island


 Today, everyone who moves to Canada on any of the bases willing to become a permanent resident over there. For this, they required to apply for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) which assists you in getting permanent resident in Canada. CWC Canada Solutions assists people in migrating through the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). We are certified and authorized. We help you in every aspect and clear all your queries regarding Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). Come to us and make clear all your queries and get the status of a permanent resident of Canada.