Canadian government helps many people to live with their families. Super visa is the best program to go to Canada. This program is for parents and grand-parents. Those students, who are permanent in Canada, can sponsor their families under the super visa program. It is valid for 10 years. People who don’t know WHAT IS SUPER VISA CANADA we will tell in the following points that it has allowed thousands of international parents and grandparents to come to Canada through their PR children. It takes 10 to 50 days to approve your super visa for Canada. It also depends on your country and visa office also. Before going to Canada, you have to do your medical exam first.


This program is only for parents and grand-parents who want to go to Canada. if any student or Canadian worker got their PR, they can sponsor their family members under the super visa category. India, Pakistan and china are the famous countries that go under the super visa category. They can live with their loved ones. It is a successful program for families who wants to go to Canada on a super visa. Other countries also used this visa.


Super visa is valid for up to 10 years that is a long period of time to stay in Canada. These are the following important documents you must have:-

1. Must have legal documents that you are parents of Canadian citizens.

2. Invitation letter from your children

3. Medical report

4. Police verification

5. Passport

6. Valid id proofs

7. Proof of income


You can apply for a super visa with the following methods.

1. If your child is a permanent residence in Canada, they can invite you to Canada.

2. Medical exam is needed to go to Canada under a super visa. You must have that medical test proof that you are totally fine.

3. Medical insurance of at least 1 year is needed.


The Invitation is provided by Canadian citizens. They can sponsor their parents and grandparents. This letter includes an invitation:-

1. Your name

2. Date of birth

3. Address

4. Phone number

5. Job title

6. Details of your family

7. Relationship status with a Canadian citizen

8. Travel document


The candidate must be the current age of 14 days old and not 90 above at the time of process or application. The candidate should be a visitor to Canada with legal documents and should have a passport or other documents the immigrants want.


Under the super visa category, the person would stay in Canada but they can’t apply for permanent residency in Canada. The holder can stay for 2 years in Canada with their family. They can’t even work in Canada. It covers hospital, medical, emergency or any treatment in super visa insurance.

The Canadian government provides you insurance who enters Canada through a super visa. It is dealing between Canadian insurance companies and hospitals. Companies are assured by the Canadian government


Most of the students used super visas for their parents and grandparents to come to Canada. If a student got the PR, then they can sponsor their family member under the super visa category. It’s valid for 10 years. Many students apply for a super visa for their parents or grandparents.

Under super visa students allow their parents to Canada. Super visa is an important program that is used by most of the students for their parents, if they want to live with their loved ones. If you want to spend time with your family, then you can apply super visa for your parents.


It allows many users to come to Canada for two years. If anyone wants to extend their stay in Canada, they can extend their super visa. Just submit an application before 30 days of your expiry. An Extension visa is also called implied status. Consultants will look out for your application. If they will accept your extension of living in Canada, you can enjoy yourself more with your family. It is valid for 10 years. Parents of the permanent residents could invite by them.


Super visa offered many parents come to Canada and live with their children. Parents of Canadian citizens are only going to Canada under the super visa category. As we mentioned above WHAT IS SUPER VISA CANADA it is easier to understand for you. You can take advantage of super visa insurance also. It covers hospital, medical, emergency or any treatment in super visa insurance.