There is no doubt that more and more people move to Canada from their own home country every year. A number of people move to Canada for their own specific reason for moving. The study, work, travel or business purposes are the main reasons for the people to move to Canada. Moving to Canada for their own specific reason becomes a passion now a day. People of all age groups are willing to move to Canada. As you all know Canada is a developed country and the environment, atmosphere, and high living standards of Canada attract the people towards Canada. So many people get successful in moving to Canada. The one who moves to Canada and lives over there for many years there is no doubt that they are willing to become a Canadian Permanent resident. An express entry helps you in getting permanent residency of Canada by providing you the points for each factor. For this purpose you must have the proper and latest information about it. CWC Canada Solutions clear all your queries and helps you in getting a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). We are the one who helps you in every aspect.

What is a Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency is a status which given to the persons who lives in Canada from many years and fulfill or meet with the eligibility criteria of the Canada which is essential for getting the PR.

Required Eligibilities for PR:

•        You must be stayed in Canada physically

•        You must be not under any strong order of removal

•        You must fulfill the requirements of residency

•        You are not to be convicted of a crime related to the misuse of your PR

Procedure for getting Permanent Residency:

•        Issue a criminal record check and also a medical certificate

•        Fill your application for permanent resident and submit it after filling

•        Pay your application fee

•        Attend the scheduled or organized interviews with the representatives of immigration

Age Limit for Canada PR:

The maximum age for qualifying the permanent residence is 45 years old.  The persons who come under the age of 18-35 get the maximum number of points. The person gets fewer points whose age is 35 years old.

Before applying for Permanent Residency (PR):

Usually, a Permanent Residency (PR) is provided for five years but sometimes it will be provided for one year only. It is valid for the specified late date which is specified. Normally, Canada sends Permanent Residency (PR) cards to the address within the country but sometimes you can have to go and pick up your card from an officer who is at one of the offices of Canada. if there is any mistake in the card then you can ask for reissuing the card.

Services offered by an Immigration Consultant:

There are so many services which are provided by an Immigration Consultant. Their services are as follows:

•        He or she offers the assessment to their clients who have the maximum chances of being approved for the visa

•        He or she also prepares the clients for the interview step so that they can easily clear their visa interview.

•        He or she also helps the clients in preparing the immigration application and the entire paperwork so that there is not an error occurred in the paperwork and It must be accurate

•        He or she also helps the clients in all the facts of immigration

 •       An Immigration Lawyer works as a legal representation and also offers legal advice to all the clients.

•        It does not matter that which type of representation of immigration you have selected, just be sure that they are loyal or honest and willing to provide you with referrals and they also help you and will you give the best chance of success in the process of your immigration.


So there is no doubt that the people who have migrated to Canada want to get the Permanent Residency (PR) over there. CWC Canada Solutions clear all your queries and helps you in getting a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). We are the one is not only helps you in moving to the other country but also helps you in getting the Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. we know that everyone is willing to get permanent residency in Canada. for this, express entry provide you points for your each factor such as age, education, work experience etc. we help you in increasing your points for becoming able to get the Permanent Residency (PR) status. So come to us and make your dream of getting a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) comes true.