People emigrate abroad through different types of visas. They may migrate through study visas, work visas, spouse visa, tourist visas,s, etc. some people migrate to Canada through Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). For applying for PNP we have to contact any trusted visa expert. CWC is the leading one in applying for Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). We are the best one in each type of visa. We are also experts in applying for PNP. We provide you the best guidance for PNP.

What is Provisional Nominee Program (PNP)?

Some people do not know about the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). They are not aware of it. There are some people who do not even hear about Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). Now, let’s discuss the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) is a program for workers. It is for those who have the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific country or territory. This program is for those persons who want to live in that country and wants to become a permanent resident of Canada. each region and country has its own “streams” and requirements. For example, in a program stream, region and territories may target:

•        Students

•        Skilled workers

•        Semi-skilled workers

•        Business people

Requirements for applying Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

•        A declaration form from the applicant and parasite.

•        Official and certified documents of education, identity proofs, and work experience.

•        All documents which support the dependents or parasite of applicant

•        Valid visa, passport, and all travel based documents.

•        Documents which certify the Language Proficiency of the applicant

•        All legal documents which prove the identity of the applicant.

•        Few recent clicked photographs

•        Various certificates which are related to the health and character.

Provinces have PNPs:

Canada’s 11  region and countries have its own Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) with different types of streams and categories to match its specific labor needs. For example, as there is a great shortage of qualified registered nurses, the Nova Scotia Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) has a stream dedicated specifically for Nurses. similarly, both Ontario and British Columbia both will select suitable applicants from the draw pool to invite to apply for a Provincial Nomination which is drawn by the IT targeted express entry.

A list of the participating provinces:

•        Alberta

•        Manitoba

•        Nova Scotia

•        Ontario

•        British Columbia

•        New Brunswick

•        Yukon

•        Newfoundland and Labrador

•        Northwest Territories

•        Saskatchewan

•        Prince Edward island

Why Provisional Nominee Program (PNP)is good?

The benefit of the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) is that it offers a pathway to permanent residence for those people who are not able to meet the eligibility criteria for Express Entry Program. If they have the required skills that will meet regional labor market needs they will qualify for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP).

How can you apply for Provisional Nominee Program (PNP)?

1.       Submit an express entry profile

2.       Get an express entry stream nomination (or your nomination have confirmed)

3.       Get an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence (PR)

4.       Fill your application

5.       If the region or country withdraws your nomination before you are invited to apply for Permanent Residence (PR), you must have withdraw your profile from the Express Entry Pool and submit your new profile.

Fee for applying Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

Most skilled workers candidates who have got a provincial nomination should expect to pay an application fee between $250 and $2,000. Although there is no application fee to apply for PNPs that is operated by Albert, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, or the Yukon.

Total processing time for Canada Provisional Nominee Program (PNP):

After you submit your application for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP), then the officials verify each document in the detail. As the profile and the information which is provided is fluctuate, so does the review time of each profile. So it is clear that the total processing time for the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) also depends on the application process. But most of the time, the processing time takes an average of 12 months.


Sometimes some people want to migrate to Canada but do not able to meet the eligibility criteria of the express entry so they have another option for migrating to Canada through Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). But for applying you should contact a trusted one. CWC is the leading one in applying for Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). We trusted one and certified also. We have experience of many years and have the highest success rate. We help you in the whole process of applying to the Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). We provide you the best advice and information and help you with the entire paper-work. Come to us, and make your dream come true.