Canada is not a foreign word for any Indian. We all must have at least one distant relative or a friend settled in Canada. Are you wondering why Canada is one of the top choices of immigrants? Why would somebody who wants to settle abroad always consider Canada a bright choice?

Canada Immigration Point Calculator

Well, no doubt Indians are living all over the world. Be it USA, the UK, Australia, we have seen Indians settled there but then why Canada has a better number from all of the above. It is something to be considered and thought off. There can be a number of reasons for it/

The very first thing Canada is a beautiful country with scenic beauty. Though the climate is a little cold as compared to India, still there are suitable provisions to overcome such problems. Every place is heated and the solutions to the climate conditions are very well-managed by the government so that the citizens do not have any kind of problem. 

The next important thing is the level of education. Canada is considered to be one of the educational hubs of the world. International students from Africa, Australia, even Europe, India come to study in Canada. The high-class education facilities, curriculums are well recognised in the world. There are a number of courses available to work through.

Also, the students have a better advantage studying in Canada. They can learn through their course and also gain experience through their work. The students are allowed to take-up part time jobs during their semesters and full-time jobs during their semester breaks.

So, they are gaining experience with the learning process. This is also one of the important considerations that helps to draw students towards Canada. 

Moreover, this experience can help the students in future if they want to settle in Canada. It will be an advantage to them, they will be having working experience of the country itself.

So, when there is a required opening, then the college students are preferred over the other professionals from outside the country. Studying in Canada shares a bright chance for the students who want to settle down in the country. 

Canada values young professionals and offers them permanent residency. Canada invites young professionals through the various programs under the Express Entry System. There is a list of professions they have been looking for in different provinces. The aspirants following in the particular category can opt for it and then move in through their application through the process.

The entry through this plan works through the Canada Immigration Point calculator. There is a system to calculate the points for the aspiring immigrants. It is based on various factors including the age, the professional achievements, the career experience, language and others.

So, one needs to use the Canada immigration point calculator to check their eligibility. The higher the points are the better the chances of being accepted. 

Another big reason for preferring Canada is that it is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is comparatively lower than the other countries. Moreover, there is a strict following of law and order. Moreover, the country owns a cosmopolitan environment. People from all parts of the world are settled here in Canada. There is zero tolerance towards racism and people believe to live in harmony.

So, it is quite understandable that everyone will prefer a safe country, over another country where there is racism or the immigrants are welcomed. Here immigrants are welcomed with open arms and they feel quite safe and secure. Also, there is variety in food. As people from all parts of the world have settled here, there is a variety of food available in the country. The people can easily have their own homeland food here. Though it is a very small aspect, it has a big impact. Though it does not play an important role in attracting the immigrants, food plays an important role in keeping them happy in the country. 

Even the people are very friendly and calm here. They are more into helping the international students and immigrants to settle in the country. They do not believe in creating problems, they believe in helping them to stay comfortably and start their life well here. The citizens are open-minded and believe in creating a positive environment for the people who are coming to settle in Canada. 

So, for those who are looking for a bright, safe and promising option to immigrate, Canada is one of the brightest choices. You will not regret taking this decision. The country has a lot to offer to the immigrants. It has everything: safety, progress, and a chance to work on your professional goals. So, think well and make a decision.