Canada is an amazing country and there are thousands of Indians who want to get settled in Canada and live there. One of the reasons for the shift is a high-quality lifestyle or higher standards of living. Canada is more close to nature and is less polluted in comparison.

Another aspect is better health care facilities in Canada. The country shares high-quality healthcare facilities with their citizens. There are policies that are related that take the best care of even the senior citizens. So, the country values their citizens and guarantees them a healthy and happy lifestyle. Looking at this, people from all over the world have a nudge or tilt towards Canada. 

Canada PR score Calculator

Canada is a big country and also faces a population crunch, so the country also invites immigrants who are helpful in the progress of the country. They are looking for young minds who are vibrant and ready to work. They are highly valued in the country. So, even the country is interested in welcoming the people, professionals, families, and investors who are ready to contribute to updating the living standard of the country. 

So, it is a vice-versa situation that the people of the immigrants want to enjoy higher standards of living, and a better quality of life and the country wants to overcome their population and crunch and also get a progressive and positive population. 

Well, to support immigration, Canada holds various programs that encourage immigrants to legally come to the country and get permanent residency and once they have fulfilled the basic requirements they are also issued citizenship of the country. So, if you are aspiring to move to Canada, it is important that you check the category or the program under which you can create your own place.

Here you can take the help of immigration consultants who can help you to understand the importance, eligibility and opening in various programs and then in coordination with the policies and procedures one can submit their application online and get in the queue sharing chance to be in the draw and get selected for invitation to call for permanent residency.

Well, permanent residency is based on certain criteria as well as luck. If you fulfil certain criteria related to education, work, language and experience then the points are calculated by the Canada PR score calculator and then as the scores are determined it shares whether they hold a chance of being offered permanent residency or not. The higher score calculated by the Canada PR score calculator ensures high chances of being selected, the lower the score is the more doubtful the case. Even then there is a pool of draw and the lucky ones get selected and further invitation for permanent residency is extended. 

So, the above process is through the Express Entry System. It is one of the most popular categories for young professionals. Here the professionals falling under a particular category are given weightage over others and invited to live and work in Canada. Through this, the best professionals are chosen by the authorities and they are allowed to work. Through this, they are rendering their services to the country and helping in the progressive path. 

They can be the aspirants with college or university degrees or the working young professionals from other countries who form the ideal candidate for this program. Are you wondering why the young people are given a better chance, it is because they have the strength to work and bring fulfilment to the country. The older population is dependent on the country, so they want to overcome it and hence they are looking for young and vibrant people who can work here and be an asset to the country. 

Now, the question is why many people are opting for the Canada Express Entry system. It is a very direct method, it does not have useless formalities. All you need to do is check the eligibility and put your application in the pool. If you are lucky then you may receive an invitation to enter the country and start working. In case one is not able to clear through the pool then one can reapply and wait for their turn. Well, the point is, it is a very time-saving process. It does not waste time and everything is quite quickly in comparison to the other ways of shifting to Canada. 

Well, some other ways that deserve a mention are one can apply to Canada, through family visa programs, or through investment or through sponsorship and even the students can go and study in Canada and later on take a job in the country and get settled.