Alberta, Canada calls for 200 Express Entry Aspirants

Canada is a very beautiful as well as fulfilling country to live-in. There are many attractive factors that attract immigrants all over the world. The country owns a high-class education system from school level to higher studies. The place is very beautiful with natural lush and amazing sceneries.

Canada PR Score Calculator

There are a number of tourist spots that are very tempting and everyone would love to explore. This is not all, this country offers permanent residency and other investing options by foreign residents. It is based on their skills and investing capacity of the aspirants. Canada also welcomes foreign students from all over the world.

The students are welcomed here. Most of the courses are taught in English and French and hence, international students can study easily. The country also allows the students to work and earn together. An international student can work part-time during the semester and full-time during the semester break. This way they can support themselves and also study and realize their dreams. This is one of the most positive points in Canada. 

The inhabitants are also very friendly and help the students to grow to their full potential. So, the overall environment is very positive for the immigrants. They feel welcome and comfortable here in this country. 

Canada works through various programs to invite and also streamline the immigration applications. It supports Express Entry System, provincial nomination, spouse visa and few others. The immigration laws are strict and every entry is closely followed. From time to time, various provinces raise their immigration calls and offer the aspirants to make a move.

Once they invite the applications they go through and make a check, then provinces further invite the selected ones. These checks are based on the Canada PR score calculator, the requirement of a professional in the province, and the rest basic criteria including the age of the applicant, the experience, the scores in language proficiency test.

On the basis of these points, the decisions are made and a list is sent out sharing the offer to claim the permanent residency with the country. 

As per the recent news, Alberta has invited as many as 6,359 Express Entry candidates to apply for a provincial nomination in 2021.The sources share that the  Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) have invited candidates who scored of at least 343 in the Express Entry system on the basis of Canada PR score calculator. 

According to the recent draw 300 turned out to be the highest cutoff score. This means a person or the aspirant should have a minimum of 300 scores to be eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream. Those who have scored under it are not eligible. 

Details about the Alberta Invitation-

Albert invited 6,359 Express Entry candidates to apply for a provincial nomination since it resumed invitation rounds after the pandemic. The last invitation session and draw system was held back in January 2021. The province had already taken a temporary hiatus in the last months of the year 2020.

Now, the candidates in the already existing Express Entry pool are invited to apply for a Certificate of nomination by the Province of Alberta. The invitations will be sent through the regular draws. If one is accepted then it will greatly support their application for permanent residence.

In the year 2021, Alberta is supposed to issue 6,250 nomination certificates. As it is visible that the number of invitations issued has now exceeded the actual number of certificates of nomination that are allowed to be granted. This shares that the province may have finished issuing invitations for this flowing year.

The Eligibility under Alberta Express Entry System-

If you are looking to follow and apply for the Alberta provincial nomination through the Alberta Express Entry stream,  then the primary condition is that you need to have work experience in an eligible occupation.

Also, the AINP does not provide any exhaustive list of eligible occupations. It is the other way around that it shares a list of occupations that are not eligible for the stream. Generally people pick the categories are the stream work as food service supervisors, transport truck drivers, and cooks among others.

There are also some particular factors that increase your likelihood of being nominated, are, having work experience in a particular field, a Canadian education degree, or a job offer in Alberta. Then family can be a big plus point.  It also helps to have a family member already living in Alberta, such as a parent, child, or sibling.

So, if you are interested in immigrating and looking for an opportunity this can be a great one. You may have to check the details closely and if you are already working for your immigration then this is a good chance. Do not miss it!

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