Canada is one of the most preferred nations that immigrants are attracted to. It is one of the progressive countries that welcome immigrants with open arms. The country helps the skilled immigrants to offer their skills and then successfully settle in the country. It also provides high-class basic amenities to their residents and value their life and services. It is one of the ideal countries in the world. Canada is also open to the foreign investments and allows them to start their business and continue to establish residency. 

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As per the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021, Canada has achieved second place in immigration and investment, and other categories. This is a progressive ranking. It is the first time Canada has achieved a higher rank. It is right behind Germany, which has maintained the highest rank for the past five years. This is a commendable response for the country. Germany always achieves higher points due its exports, immigration and investment, governance, and culture.

This time Canada came ahead of the U.K., which was granted second-place in the year 2020. In the year 2021 the U.K. dropped to fifth place. Though it has maintained a positive response in overall ranking especially about its culture, exports, and immigration and investment. The weaknesses have been quite visible in the global perceptions of its people, and the governance.

The Nation Brands Index is known to be a trusted source to measure the reputations and recognition of nations around the world. In the year 2021, they have measured 60 nations and got their survey results from a good number of 60,000 interviews. During last year, the survey measured the results of 50 countries through only 20,000 interviews. Such a big number means a better and authentic report. 

The Nation Brands Index calculates the rank of following  bases. There are perceived total six quality categories: They are exports, governance, culture, people, tourism, and investment and immigration. Each country’s rank is calculated through individual as well as the total category. 

According to the recent survey, Canada was marked as the first rank in immigration and investment. This means the nation’s ability to attract immigrants, foreign workers, and international students. This category also evaluates how each country’s quality of life and business environment is perceived by the immigrants.

It refers to how the environment is, are immigrants feel comfortable, are the residents friendly. Everything is accounted for. So, if you are looking forward to moving to Canada then wait no more, they are ready to help migration consultants who can help the aspirants to work out a plan to move to Canada. 

Moreover, Canada has also scored top ranks for the governance that shares the perceptions of national government competency and fairness, and attitude towards the commitment to global issues including peace, justice, poverty, and the environment. 

Then, Canada has also achieved a top spot for the people category, that shares the nation’s culture and acceptance among the populace for competence, friendliness, and tolerance.

Without doubt Canada has come up brightly and they have  maintained a steady ranking in the three categories namely exports, that measures share of a country’s products and services; tourism, which measures what is the level of interest in visiting a country; and culture, that shares the global opinions of a nation’s heritage and appreciation for its culture including art and sport.

Not only in the Index, in reality, if talking to common immigrants and students studying the country the people are quite pleased with the country. 

The students here are very comfortable, they have access to world-class education and with a number of courses. The students here are welcomed and treated very well by the residents. There are high-quality residential facilities, food availability and joyful atmosphere that welcome them in the country. There is no language problem as English and French are prominent languages spoken throughout the country.

The students are also allowed to learn and work along with it. They are allowed to work on part-time basis during the semester and part-time basis during the semester break. Also, they have an edge when it comes to residency. So, if you are looking to move as a student to Canada there are many ready to help migration consultants. 

Canada also provides attractive options for skilled workers through Skilled Workers Programs in various states of the country. Young professionals such as doctors, engineers, teachers, health workers, accountants are always in high demand. They add value to the country. These immigrants are offered direct citizenship if selected under the specific programs. It is based on a point system. 

So, if you are interested in migrating to Canada then look for a suitable category and make your move.