How to write a perfect Canadian Resume?

Do you want to shift to Canada? Do you dream of living and working in Canada? There is no doubt Canada is an amazing country with excellent job opportunities, better health-care facilities and an outstanding educational system. This country is one of the best countries to live your life fully. It lends a safe environment to the immigrants. The inhabitants are friendly in nature and they allow the immigrants to enter their culture and live in progressive and joyful environment. 

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Students from all over the world come and study in Canada. They also allow students to work while they study. This is one of the most progressive and professional steps. The students gain confidence and work experience as they finish their studies. Well, this is not all. There are a lot many perks of staying in Canada. 

Well, if you want to immigrate to Canada, there are different ways of doing it.


Through student visa, one can go and study and then get a permanent job.


Through the express entry system. Here the professionals apply through express entry and the immigration authority puts up a draw and those who have high CRS points have higher chances of being selected.


Through a job, if an employer wants to employ somebody and shares the offer letter, then it is one of immigrating to Canada. The last is through investing in the country. If somebody is interested in getting a Permanent Residency then they can either start their own business and invest the already set amount. This way, the immigrant has to part off with their resources and put it in the country’s economy.

So, while contributing is helpful to strengthen the country. If you are interested then you opt for expert immigration Chd and get professional advice. They will help you to understand which category is better and where you have more chances of success.

Well, there is a bright and deserving option if you get a job call directly from a Canadian Business house. If you are able to secure a job call then you may easily and quickly immigrate to Canada. Then you need not wait for the draws and much formalities. 

For this you need to apply for the relevant jobs with proper and appropriate resumes. If you are wondering how to get information about the same source then you can also consult an expert immigration Chd. 

The resume is only one step to finding a job in Canada and it is not even the first. Before you sit down to type up your professional background, do some research on Canada’s job market, and identify the companies that you would like to apply for. The Canadian government website offers some tools that can help you in your job search.

A resume is an important component for searching for an ideal job. Especially, when you want to apply for a Canada based firm you need to be quite careful about it. A resume should be specifically designed by keeping in mind that foreign employers will have their specific preferences, and also there are different professional practices for every industry. Here we are sharing with you a general idea of what you can avoid in a Canadian resume and what to add. 

Here are 5 don’ts for Canadian resume writing

Big ‘NO’ to photo

Well, including a photograph is not necessary until and unless you are an actor or a model. Sharing the information you need on your CV is what is relevant to the job posting. Do not attach a photograph if not asked by the employer. 

Do not overshare

While writing a resume, you should be very careful while sharing your information. Here there is no need to add your most personal information. The only personal information an employer needs is your name, and how to contact you. They do not require your age, what country you are from, or race, or the religion you follow, your marital status, or anything about your family.  If any such question is asked in an interview it might be illegal under Canada’s human rights laws.

Another thing, you should not disclose your Social Insurance Number in your CV. Employers do not need that until and unless you are already hired for the job. 

We suggest including relevant skills, experience, and basic contact information like name, phone number, and email. Infact the mailing address is not always necessary. So, share only very relevant information.

Do not include references

If the employer wants to know about the references, they will ask for them. Sharing a reference on your own does not look well. A reference means that you have been working well with the previous employer. Hence, let your employer ask for it and then share.

It is the Second-lowest CRS for PNP Draw this year

The pandemic has hit the whole world. There is no single person who has not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have lost their lives, others have been grateful for the gift of life. This pandemic has affected each and every year of the area. Be it the economies of the country, be the business situations, be the social environment nothing has remained untouched. 

new express entry draw date

This effect has also affected the immigration in Canada and other countries. Due to complete closure of the flights and communication among different countries, the applications were also restricted to a lower number. The aspirants were also confused what to do not to do?

Whether they should invest in the immigration process now or not. As there are a number of fees involved in the process, the application fees, the immigration consultant fees and documentation fees, visa fees. All these require a good amount of investment. The applicant will only pay these fees if there is a hope for them. Otherwise, it is just a waste of hard earned money. So, it is better to apply when Canada immigration opens up completely.

Well, recently Canada has relaxed the rules for immigration and they have also opened direct flights. This has again gained the faith again and they have started reapplying. This is again a boost for the country and also the aspirants who dream of living and working in Canada. 

Canada is one of the beautiful countries and has always been a great option for those who want to earn well, work well, and live a quality life with a better healthcare system and higher educational system. Living in Canada ensures a better standard of living with a clean environment. 

There is a little point of concern that the number of participation and number of aspirants has been declining. 

Recently, Canada has held five Express Entry draws in a row to target a good number of candidates from the PNP class. The new express entry draw date was held on November 10. During this draw Canada invited 775 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence. All of the invited candidates had already received nominations through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

As per the immigration system the provincial nominees on their own get a 600-point award, so the cut off score came to be 685. It means without any nomination, the lowest-score would have had only 85 points. This is one of the utterly lowest scores till now. It is the second lowest since the lowest was in March 2021. It is evident that this is a clear effect of the pandemic on the immigration system of the country.

Currently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are drawing only PNP candidates from the Express Entry pool. As per the previous draw, IRCC invited a good number of 888 candidates with a cut off of 744.

Why is Canada only drawing on the PNP applicants?

It has been evident since the pandemic, IRCC has only been focusing on offering the immigrants who are already settled in the country. As during the pandemic situation the Canadian government sealed the borders, so, it is easy to verify and access the people who are staying in the country. Also, the entries have been closed for the people who were initially approved for permanent residence from but they are outside Canada.

As per the current restrictions there is no approval on the permanent residents from making their arrival persisted during the time period between March 2020 and June 2021. In this time period, the IRCC worked on the Express Entry draws that invited the PNP and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates. In the year 2020, the special all-program draws were conducted. It  included Foreign Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) candidates and Foreign Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) candidates.

For the last five Express Entry draws, IRCC has particularly invited the PNP candidates to apply under the programmes of permanent residence. If the IRCC would not have taken keen interest in these candidates, it would have been a problem for the provinces and territories. They would not have been able to meet the immigration goals, which  generally were completed on time. This will hereafter affect the economic and population growth strategies of the country adversely. It will affect the economic growth of the country, they will not be able to meet the goals. 

In the previous summer months, IRCC worked up the CEC draws, inviting the big-breaking numbers of 6,000 at one time that helped to  meet the immigration department. It revised their plans to admit around 141,000 CEC candidates in 2021. The invitations were issued to them after July and it would be processed before the end of the year. The new express entry draw date has still to be shared by the authorities. The aspirants are waiting eagerly for it. 

Alberta, Canada calls for 200 Express Entry Aspirants

Canada is a very beautiful as well as fulfilling country to live-in. There are many attractive factors that attract immigrants all over the world. The country owns a high-class education system from school level to higher studies. The place is very beautiful with natural lush and amazing sceneries.

Canada PR Score Calculator

There are a number of tourist spots that are very tempting and everyone would love to explore. This is not all, this country offers permanent residency and other investing options by foreign residents. It is based on their skills and investing capacity of the aspirants. Canada also welcomes foreign students from all over the world.

The students are welcomed here. Most of the courses are taught in English and French and hence, international students can study easily. The country also allows the students to work and earn together. An international student can work part-time during the semester and full-time during the semester break. This way they can support themselves and also study and realize their dreams. This is one of the most positive points in Canada. 

The inhabitants are also very friendly and help the students to grow to their full potential. So, the overall environment is very positive for the immigrants. They feel welcome and comfortable here in this country. 

Canada works through various programs to invite and also streamline the immigration applications. It supports Express Entry System, provincial nomination, spouse visa and few others. The immigration laws are strict and every entry is closely followed. From time to time, various provinces raise their immigration calls and offer the aspirants to make a move.

Once they invite the applications they go through and make a check, then provinces further invite the selected ones. These checks are based on the Canada PR score calculator, the requirement of a professional in the province, and the rest basic criteria including the age of the applicant, the experience, the scores in language proficiency test.

On the basis of these points, the decisions are made and a list is sent out sharing the offer to claim the permanent residency with the country. 

As per the recent news, Alberta has invited as many as 6,359 Express Entry candidates to apply for a provincial nomination in 2021.The sources share that the  Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) have invited candidates who scored of at least 343 in the Express Entry system on the basis of Canada PR score calculator. 

According to the recent draw 300 turned out to be the highest cutoff score. This means a person or the aspirant should have a minimum of 300 scores to be eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream. Those who have scored under it are not eligible. 

Details about the Alberta Invitation-

Albert invited 6,359 Express Entry candidates to apply for a provincial nomination since it resumed invitation rounds after the pandemic. The last invitation session and draw system was held back in January 2021. The province had already taken a temporary hiatus in the last months of the year 2020.

Now, the candidates in the already existing Express Entry pool are invited to apply for a Certificate of nomination by the Province of Alberta. The invitations will be sent through the regular draws. If one is accepted then it will greatly support their application for permanent residence.

In the year 2021, Alberta is supposed to issue 6,250 nomination certificates. As it is visible that the number of invitations issued has now exceeded the actual number of certificates of nomination that are allowed to be granted. This shares that the province may have finished issuing invitations for this flowing year.

The Eligibility under Alberta Express Entry System-

If you are looking to follow and apply for the Alberta provincial nomination through the Alberta Express Entry stream,  then the primary condition is that you need to have work experience in an eligible occupation.

Also, the AINP does not provide any exhaustive list of eligible occupations. It is the other way around that it shares a list of occupations that are not eligible for the stream. Generally people pick the categories are the stream work as food service supervisors, transport truck drivers, and cooks among others.

There are also some particular factors that increase your likelihood of being nominated, are, having work experience in a particular field, a Canadian education degree, or a job offer in Alberta. Then family can be a big plus point.  It also helps to have a family member already living in Alberta, such as a parent, child, or sibling.

So, if you are interested in immigrating and looking for an opportunity this can be a great one. You may have to check the details closely and if you are already working for your immigration then this is a good chance. Do not miss it!

Relaxed rules for Bridging Open Work Permit in Canada

Well, for those who are eager to get their work permit in Canada here is a bundle of good news for them. As per the latest changes it is sorted that the Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) program will be made more accessible. The program is open to the eligible work permit holders who have applied for further Canadian permanent residence.

This is important so that the already working people should be allowed to keep working in Canada as they wait for Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to make a final decision on their permanent residency application.

open work permit for spouse of international student processing time

This comes as hopeful news: the changes announced in September, shared that there is no limit on the worker  as to when they can apply for the BOWP. Earlier, the aspirant could only apply in between the four months of the already existing work permit’s expiry date.

As per the new rules the aspirant is also eligible if the work status has expired and you are eligible to revive your current status and get a work permit. Another option is  if you are in Canada you have maintained your status as a worker then also you are eligible.

According to the previous rules, only those aspirants were allowed to apply for the BOWP who had a work permit. If there was no work permit or if it expired then such applicants were not considered for permanent residency. The work permit for spouses of international student processing time has also been affected. 

In addition to the above, the BOWP is also considering the following types of applicants:

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applicants –

  • A copy of the nomination letter is required indicating that their employment is unrestricted and they are selected “Open Work Permit” on their application form.

Agri-Food Pilot –

  • This is the next category. If the applicants have submitted their application online, and further show their approval in principle letter in the “Client Information” field along with their application.

Quebec skilled workers are also eligible to apply under BOWP after their file passes a complete required check- 

Further, the BOWP for the Quebec skilled workers and also PNP applicants can be considered for 24 months or until their passports expire, whatever is first. The time limit is to keep a check that these applicants have enough time in Canada so that they can wait through the processing period. On the other hand, BOWPs issued to people through  other immigration categories will only be valid till 12 months.

Another important announcement is that the spouses of BOWP holders will not automatically get a BOWP. They need to apply through another channel. If the spouse is interested in  working in Canada, they may then apply as a spouse of a skilled worker or as a spouse of a full-time student, whichever is suitable.

They are granted open work permits for spouses of international students, the processing time may differ. The spouse can get the visas if the students are eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

Who is eligible for a BOWP?

According to the BOWP, it allows people who are already working in Canada and further want to continue working at their jobs while their permanent residency application is in process. Moreover, under this program they do not need to have a  Labour Market Impact Assessment, which is required of work permit holders sharing that the workers Canada is providing an economic benefit to the country.

For this visa the applicant must be within Canada since, in the government’s eyes, your presence here is allowing you to be exempt from an LMIA.

If the applicant is looking for permanent residency under one of the following programs, you may be eligible for a BOWP:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • caring for children class or caring for people with high medical needs class before June 18, 2019
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for applicants for who do not have employer restrictions on nominations
  • Agri-Food Pilot (AFP)
  • Quebec skilled worker class (QSWC)

Treatment for spouses and common-law partners of BOWP holders

If the spouse or common-law partner is interested to work in Canada while the applicant is here on the BOWP.

They are supposed to provide additional required documentation, which is shared on the work permit holder’s instructions on the government website.

Also, the BOWP of the partner must be valid for a minimum of six months, irrespective of the program you applied for. Under this the applicant under the program BOWP should be in Canada, but the partner may be anywhere. The plus point is that if you both are in the country then you can submit your applications together, which is called the C41 WP.

Another consideration is that the spouse’s work permit cannot be issued before the main applicant. So, if they are outside Canada they will have to wait until the applicant receives the BOWP before they can apply for the spousal open work permit.

Canada is one of the Top Nation for Investment and Immigration

Canada is one of the most preferred nations that immigrants are attracted to. It is one of the progressive countries that welcome immigrants with open arms. The country helps the skilled immigrants to offer their skills and then successfully settle in the country. It also provides high-class basic amenities to their residents and value their life and services. It is one of the ideal countries in the world. Canada is also open to the foreign investments and allows them to start their business and continue to establish residency. 

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As per the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021, Canada has achieved second place in immigration and investment, and other categories. This is a progressive ranking. It is the first time Canada has achieved a higher rank. It is right behind Germany, which has maintained the highest rank for the past five years. This is a commendable response for the country. Germany always achieves higher points due its exports, immigration and investment, governance, and culture.

This time Canada came ahead of the U.K., which was granted second-place in the year 2020. In the year 2021 the U.K. dropped to fifth place. Though it has maintained a positive response in overall ranking especially about its culture, exports, and immigration and investment. The weaknesses have been quite visible in the global perceptions of its people, and the governance.

The Nation Brands Index is known to be a trusted source to measure the reputations and recognition of nations around the world. In the year 2021, they have measured 60 nations and got their survey results from a good number of 60,000 interviews. During last year, the survey measured the results of 50 countries through only 20,000 interviews. Such a big number means a better and authentic report. 

The Nation Brands Index calculates the rank of following  bases. There are perceived total six quality categories: They are exports, governance, culture, people, tourism, and investment and immigration. Each country’s rank is calculated through individual as well as the total category. 

According to the recent survey, Canada was marked as the first rank in immigration and investment. This means the nation’s ability to attract immigrants, foreign workers, and international students. This category also evaluates how each country’s quality of life and business environment is perceived by the immigrants.

It refers to how the environment is, are immigrants feel comfortable, are the residents friendly. Everything is accounted for. So, if you are looking forward to moving to Canada then wait no more, they are ready to help migration consultants who can help the aspirants to work out a plan to move to Canada. 

Moreover, Canada has also scored top ranks for the governance that shares the perceptions of national government competency and fairness, and attitude towards the commitment to global issues including peace, justice, poverty, and the environment. 

Then, Canada has also achieved a top spot for the people category, that shares the nation’s culture and acceptance among the populace for competence, friendliness, and tolerance.

Without doubt Canada has come up brightly and they have  maintained a steady ranking in the three categories namely exports, that measures share of a country’s products and services; tourism, which measures what is the level of interest in visiting a country; and culture, that shares the global opinions of a nation’s heritage and appreciation for its culture including art and sport.

Not only in the Index, in reality, if talking to common immigrants and students studying the country the people are quite pleased with the country. 

The students here are very comfortable, they have access to world-class education and with a number of courses. The students here are welcomed and treated very well by the residents. There are high-quality residential facilities, food availability and joyful atmosphere that welcome them in the country. There is no language problem as English and French are prominent languages spoken throughout the country.

The students are also allowed to learn and work along with it. They are allowed to work on part-time basis during the semester and part-time basis during the semester break. Also, they have an edge when it comes to residency. So, if you are looking to move as a student to Canada there are many ready to help migration consultants. 

Canada also provides attractive options for skilled workers through Skilled Workers Programs in various states of the country. Young professionals such as doctors, engineers, teachers, health workers, accountants are always in high demand. They add value to the country. These immigrants are offered direct citizenship if selected under the specific programs. It is based on a point system. 

So, if you are interested in migrating to Canada then look for a suitable category and make your move.

Immigrate to Alberta without job offer

Are you interested in shifting to Canada? Are you attracted to the Canadian lifestyle and want to experience it ? Well, Canada is one of the amazing countries to live in with a high-end education system, well-developed health care and ample of skilled job opportunities for young and professional people.

CWC website

Most of the time people are interested in immigrating to Canada but they do not have a job offer, they are confused how to do so? Many times they are looking for the best option from where they can make a way to a better country.  

If you are truly interested in shifting to Canada then you may opt for the Alberta Express Entry stream. It can turn out to be a great option for you. More information about the same is available at CWC website. 

Though the most popular immigration route in Canada is through the Express Entry system or through student entry, there is another promising route known as the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It means when an immigrant is receiving PR to work in a particular province. It is an understanding between the immigrant and the authorities that they are receiving PR to serve the particular area in Canada for a certain period of time. 

As per the Express Entry an aspirant is assessed on a system known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). According to the system the points are accumulated based on various human capital factors. Here, in most of the cases of Express Entry candidates do not require a job offer or job letter, though if one has then it increases the number of points, and hence it leads to a better chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

On the contrary, Canada’s PNP was introduced for  a balanced and proper distribution of the benefits of immigration all over the country. This program offers the participating provinces and territories the opportunity to nominate a particular number of economically beneficial immigrants to get a chance of permanent residence each year. The rules for the same depends from province to province. Each province has its own set of nomination requirements.

So, those who are interested in the same first of all must first be nominated by the province or territory. Canadian provinces and territories with a PNP considered to have at least one “enhanced” nomination stream, it means that at least one that is linked to the federal Express Entry system.

Alberta Express Entry System-

The Alberta Express Entry has this particular stream where they are providing an immigration route for foreign nationals without a job offer. Over the past few weeks, CWC websites has brought forward a number of other PNP-related immigration pathways that don’t require a job offer. The provinces include Ontario and Saskatchewan. 

Now, Alberta is also one of those provinces that does not require job offers. It is the fourth largest province in Canada, also Alberta is one of the preferred choices of immigrants, with Edmonton and Calgary are quite popular cities among them.

As per the province’s population surveys, the province welcomes approximately 40,000 new immigrants per year. Alberta’s share of immigrants in Canada is approximately 13 per cent, which is the third-highest in the whole country, followed after Ontario and British Columbia.

The recent statistics state that Alberta’s population now stands at 4.5 million. It is one of highly commercial provinces with commercial opportunities including oil, mining, and natural gas industries.

Immigrating through the Alberta Express Entry stream without a job offer?

Well, it is a golden opportunity for foreign nationals who wish to live and also contribute by working in Alberta can apply under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). There are a number of streams that come under the AINP, the Alberta Express Entry stream that does not require an aspirant to hold a job offer.

The Alberta Express Entry stream is an enhanced PNP that is also linked to the federal Express Entry system. Express Entry candidates who can also get a provincial nomination from the province of Alberta are awarded an extra 600 points toward their CRS score. Getting these extra points can almost guarantee them a chance to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

In order to receive this interested nomination from Alberta under this stream, the aspirant should make an Express Entry profile that ensures their interest in settling permanently in Alberta.

Requirements for Alberta Entry System

Here are certain requirements under Alberta Entry System that every applicant should fulfill it- 

  • The aspirants should have a valid Express Entry profile in the IRCC Express Entry system;
  • They must have stated an interest to immigrate to Alberta;
  • They should be a professional or in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development;
  • The aspirants should have a  minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 300.

Possible Trend of Canada Visa in upcoming year 2022

Canada immigration has been experiencing ups and downs during the last few months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Though this year has been better than the previous one, it is still not the same.

The Canadian government has been cautious about the entries due to the pandemic situation and also imposed few temporary travel restrictions to secure their people. Well, even then there was a continuous flow of Canada visa applications and corresponding to it there were Canada Visa services. As we are all aware that the immigration authorities have been very picky about it, if all went well then there may be a positive change in Canada Visa in the coming year.

Current trend in 2021

Even after the pandemic, the Canadian Immigration authorities have carried on with the operations. The authorities have granted visas and presented the report. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have recently shared a record number of Invitations to Apply for Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa this year through its popular points-based Express Entry System.

During the end of the year it has been noticed that the Canada have worked through the applications and have currently issued one of the highest figure more than 110,000 invitations to the candidates. It is evident that immigration authorities are welcoming the foreign professionals and want to strengthen their system. Hence, they have taken this step further. Another explanation for this step.

As in the years 2020 and 2021, due to pandemic there was a continuous lockdown and a substantial number of applications were struck with the system. Hence, this is the time to clear the visas and sort them through the federal Express Entry system. 

Expected scenario for Canada immigration in the coming year 2022

With the coming new year 2022, the IRCC may start to work normally and resume its all-program through Express Entry draws and also invite the Federal Skilled Work category candidates which they were currently not following through. Not only this, there is probably good news for those who are interested in applying for PR, it is expected that the government of Canada will likely ease the measures that were earlier planned during the Covid-19.

Easing out will  make the Canada visa services hassle-free in the coming year 2022. Along with this the multi-year immigration plan details that were released in the year 2020, the Canadian government will also accept around one million new permanent residents in the coming three years. 

The Canadian government has also lifted the ban on direct flights from India and also made many other immigrant-friendly decisions. They had also taken positive steps and assured an investment of $100 million to improve the conditions of  newcomers’ access settlement services. As the liberal party of Canada has come back to power post this has come as a good news for Canada immigration aspirants. This is because liberals are soft and support  immigration. Hence, the coming year 2022 will bring in a positive time to immigrate to Canada. 

Plan your immigration in 2022

Keeping in touch with the new immigration changes, instructions and guidelines, it is absolutely essential to stay updated and informed if you are interested in immigrating. Being informed about the news and procedure will help you to plan your immigration.

In case you have recently thought of immigrating then it is best to hire an ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant who can guide you step by step and help you to find an appropriate program and apply through it. Though you can work it out and move the application, when you go through a professional channel there is a chance of going through easily, you may avoid  errors or visa rejection caused by missed/incomplete documents, deadlines, etc. So, working through an expert will save your time and energy. 

Keep an alternate pathway ready-

Your immigration point score matters a lot when it comes to getting an invitation to apply for a Canadian PR visa. In case you do not get an invitation due to your low Express Entry score or the IRCC delays conducting FSW category draws, always keep the other option ready.

Check your eligibility for an appropriate Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada and try acquiring the provincial nomination for Canada PR. A PNP nomination helps you obtain a PR visa despite a low point score. Your consultant or advisor can help you in choosing the right Provincial program for you. 

Important Points to remember while applying for Canada PR

  • First of all keep the required documents ready including  ECA, IELTS test result, etc. 
  • The next step is to calculate your points for Express Entry but also for relevant PNP
  • It is important to be informed about the latest immigration news, information and guidelines
  • You may also look for various ways to improve your existing immigration point score. 

A Detailed analysis about Couples and and the Comprehensive Ranking System

Moving to Canada can be one of your best decisions you have made through your life. The country is a beautiful place to settle with loads of career opportunities and a higher standard of living. Moreover, the immigration rules have also sorted well. The people who want to immigrate can do it through different available programs. There is a special space for professionals and the country is always looking for experts. So, if you fall in the category you can easily immigrate to Canada and start a new life.

calculate CRS score Canada

Partnered immigration and Express Entry system.

AS you are applying for immigration through the Express Entry system along with your partner, then, both of you will be scored separately from the single applicants.

Canada is currently running three immgration plans including federal economic immigration programs. They are the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes such applications under the Express Entry programs.

When the applicants are covered under the Express Entry System then points-based ranking is made through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The applicant gets to calculate CRS score Canada. Here the applicant is  evaluated on various factors, including the IRCC perspective about a candidate’s ability to successfully settle in Canada. The evaluation is based on factors including education of the candidate, language proficiency, age of the applicant and Canadian work experience etc.

A candidate is eligible to the CRS irrespective they are single or a couple. Well, but the score changes  in a big way from single to couple depending on their status. As per the system a couple person will get less base points than a single person, but then they can also gain points from their partner. So, though it is a bit complicated there is nothing to think about. You may apply as a couple.

Conditions when applicant is considered a couple-

A person is considered as a couple if they are either formally married, or in a common-law union with a partner, meaning they have lived in a relationship with the same person for at least a year. 

The Process to Apply under CRS

When applying as a couple through Express Entry, it involves a Principal Applicant (PA). This PA forms the basis for the immigration and application. Now, the PA is the person whose CRS evaluates and accordingly assigns a score. Still the PA can include a spouse and dependent children along with the application.

Also, only one partner can be considered as PA. The couple can themselves choose which partner is the PA. This is relevant when both the partners qualify for at least one Express Entry program. IT is one of the rules because it is extremely difficult that both partners will have the same exact CRS score. It is almost certain that one partner will  have a CRS score higher than the other, and that person should be considered PA.

Scoring system for single and couples-

The most important thing that one has to understand is that there is a major difference in the scoring system for single PAs and partnered PAs. When we account for the partner, the CRS deducts the number of points. Here  the PA can get various factors by a total of 40 points. Now against this deduction the CRS also allows the PA to earn up to 40 points through their partner’s profile. So, a single will surely get higher points as compared to a couple. But the best part is, if you get approval as a couple, then there is no trouble in getting PR for both. There will be less struggle and more comfort. 

The Components of the CRS

If you are about to calculate the CRS score Canada, then it is important to look into the four components to a CRS score. The important part is that only the first two vary based on whether one is a couple or not. 

1) Core/Human Capital Factor:

Under this the system looks for factors including age, language proficiency, and education. The maximum score for this category is 460 points for someone in a couple and 500 points for a single person.

2) Spouse/Partner Factors:

Assesses the spouse or partner’s language, educational, and work experience points will also be considered in the application. This only applies to a person who has a spouse. The maximum score for this category is 40 points.

3) Skill Transferability:

This is one of the most highly valued factor combinations. Say, both the applicants have Canadian work experience and a post-secondary credential. The maximum score for this category is 100 points.

4) Additional Points:

The applicant may have additional points as having a provincial nomination from an enhanced Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or having post-secondary education in Canada. The maximum score for this category is 600 points.

The total maximum CRS score a person, single or couple can obtain is 1200 points. 

How to be sure of your immigrant consultant?

Once you have decided to make a move about shifting from your current base, it is important to do everything, every formality in a correct format. In this process every single day counts a lot. Any discrepancy may lead to wastage of your precious time. So, to avoid all the wastage it is better to understand the process first then start preparing for it. We advise you not listen just to your friends and family and start working as they say, take a pause, look at the concerned issues and then move forward. 

How to Start Immigration Process?

The most important thing is how to begin the immigration process. Well, once you have decided with the country you are shifting, then start digging about the process. Suppose, you want to shift to Canada. You are quite attracted by the place and now you want to make a move. 

How can you do that? First of all, start researching the immigration process. What is the criteria related to the immgration? What are the ways of immigrating? How much time it may take? What is required for the immigration process? What can I do there after immigration? What are career options available? How do I fit in this shift? There are many considerations before even beginning the process. So, it is important to list it down and once you have done it then you have clarity about your goal and then you are ready to file an immigration application. Before that you should not do it without having a clear picture of what is happening. So, be clear!

Clear your IELTS examination-

Once, you have clarified why and where you are about to shift. The next step before even filing an immigration application is to appear and clear a language proficiency test. The IELTS examination is mandatory for everyone. With clearing this examination nobody can even file the immigration application. 

It is important because it helps to make a judgement about your language skills. These language skills will help you to communicate in the foreign lands. Otherwise you may not communicate properly and land yourself in a big problem. So, be informed it is important to clear the exam and once you have done it with required bands then you are good to apply. 

Look for an immigrant consultant

Once you have cleared the IELTS examination and now it is time to make a real move. Yes! It is time to file the immigration application. Now, we are very sure that you can keep up with all the formalities and you feel you are good to go, but still you require a trustworthy immigrant consultant.

Now, you must be wondering why? Why is there such a dire need for the consultant? Well, to be honest you are not a professional about the immigration. The consultants are professionals, they are aware about all the policies and working of the immigration authorities. A simple miss can create big problems. So, it is always advisable to consult an immigration counsellor who can guide you through the whole process. They can walk you through without any difficulty. 

How to look for an immigration consultant?

The next big deal is how to look for an immigration consultant. The best way is to look for a recommendation. You may ask a friend or family who have recently shifted abroad to dm consultant review to you. Coming from a known person will lend you more trust and confidence in you. Hence, the very first thing you need to check is who has lately shifted abroad and then you can ask them about a suitable consultant. 

In case you do not have a nearby or close person who has shifted abroad, you may look for the consultants online. Yes! You may find a number of persons and consultants online. You may have some doubts about them, that is totally understandable, but then you can look for the testimonials by the other person. For better clarification you may approach them through social media and ask them to dm consultant review to you. This may bring big help to you and finally you may make a decision. 

Steps to be sure about your immigration consultant?

Easy to talk with-

  • The very first thing you need to notice is that the consultant is easy-to-talk to you. It means that you can open up to the person and you can talk about the problems you are facing.


  • The second most important thing you need to check is their experience. The consultant should be experienced enough to handle your file. It is important to be in safe hands. As this is the most important decision of your life and you want to complete it nicely. 

How can I improve my Comprehensive Ranking System Score?

Many people aspire to move to Canada every year. They are attracted by an amazing education system, better lifestyle than India, better job opportunities and also an advanced health care system. They want to move to have a better and fulfilling life. They feel they are lacking something here and that can be better in Canada. They are all right in their thought process. Canada is one of the most developed countries that welcomes international citizens for various reasons. 

Canada immigration point calculator

Canada as Educational Hub

Canada is an attractive educational hub with a number of high ranking international universities. Students are eager to study and explore the universities. The Canadian educational system is more professional and based on skill improvement. So, the students find it more relevant as compared to other domestic and international universities. Thousands of students all over the world attend courses with Canadian Universities. Even Indian students find it very comfortable to study in Canada. As most of the courses are taught with language options in English. This is one of the contributing factors. Also, the country allows the students to earn while they learn. The students here can work part-time during their semester and they can even work full-time in their semester break. So, they are providing them with the experience along with the education. Such a scenario is not followed in many other countries. The students are not supposed to work along with their course or in countries like India, they do not have relevant openings for the students. So, earning while you learn is a very attractive factor. As young students have zeal to work, they can utilize their free time in some important task rather than wasting their precious time here and there. 

Canada with Better Job Opportunities-

Well, Canada being a developed country offers better job opportunities to the professionals. The country has a big demand for professionals including medical practitioners, teachers, health care help providers, accountants, journalists and many more. The country values the skills of a person and relevantly helps them to get a good job and growth opportunity. The ones who are talented and dedicate themselves to their profession find a good place with Canadian companies. The country also encourages professionals to make their way out to Canada. They invite professionals from all over the world through Express Entry System. The Canada immigration point calculator helps the aspirants to understand the points they acquire during the assessment and those who get high points have higher chances of getting selected in the pool system and greater chances of being invited by the Canadian immigration authorities. Once selected in the pool system it is quite easy to get Permanent Residency and can easily settle in Canada. 

Another way is to get a job offer from a Canadian company. If somebody possesses a job letter, then the immigration authorities lower the bars and one can easily shift to Canada. So, if somebody is interested they can straightaway apply in Canada and they can get a job offer. 

How to improve CRS score?

There are a number of people who intend to shift to Canada under the express entry system, but they have limited chances due to a lower score on the Canada immigration point calculator. It is important to improve their scores otherwise there are not any good chances of being selected. 

Now, the question arises is how to improve the scores?

There are various practices through which there can be a drastic improvement in CRS scores-

Apply to PNP-

You can straightaway get 600 points from Canadian immigration for a provincial nomination. To get one you need to first send your application in the Express Entry Pool. There are many provinces that have an automated selection process based on the CRS Points or your NOC code. Out of all there are some other provinces where you can apply directly. They are Saskatchewan Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island Nominee Program and Quebec Skilled Worker Visa (outside Express Entry Program) 

Improve IELTS score –

Good IELTS score can also help you to get in quite fast. A score of 9 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) straightaway gets you a boost of 136 CRS points under the language test section. Hence, working on your language skills can also improve your chances. 

In case the primary applicant gets married.Then also it can bring in some extra points. Additional points are awarded for it. Also, you can make your partner a primary applicant if he/she has more chances to get a better score, but once the pool has started then you cannot change it.

Get a job Offer-

A job offer can speed up things and bring you a good additional 200 points. The basic thing is that the Labor Market Impact Assessment must recognize the job offer, then you are good to go ahead of others.